Pallet Wood Dining Table

I’ve had a hard time with finding a dining table that will suit or needs AND suit this space. I feel like I keep buying and selling because I’m never realllly happy and every table just kind of “will do”. Christmas is what made me realize that or circular table just doesn’t cut it especially when we have company over. We had people eating in the living room and for all that TRULY knows me, knows that there are things that get to me and that my friends is one of them! 

On a impulse and being completely frustrated I sold the table and chairs and ended up bringing upstairs a very old farmhouse folding table

I know, what was I thinking right LOL. Even I was thinking what do we do now with this space. I’m there fall my husband spent hours taking apart pallets for me. And all that wood was just sitting there. We decided to take that old table and create something using it’s bones as the base. 

  1. We layed out each piece moving them around until we liked the color combo and started to glue them on ( we used or favorite PL premium adhesive) and air nailed as wellYou can stain or paint what suits you best but for us I used minwax special Walnut and aged grey. After that was dry I white washed with white paint mixed with water and did the paint on/ wipe off method. I sealed with Varathane water based sealer. We LOVE how it’s turned out! We had everything on hand and cost us $0. 

Milk Paint Review 

A while back I had ordered sample packs of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in three different colours. I had completely forgotten I had these tucked away. 

A couple posts back I had talked about the free table I had picked up and how I had painted it. I had created my own mess by using paint stripper on the leafs because I thought I would possibly stain instead. Anyways long story short it either had a finish or it wasn’t real wood but the stain wouldn’t penetrate. Ever since that I have not been able to get the leafs to finish like the rest of the table. You could tell how odd it looked and it just wasn’t right. Maybe I’m a perfectionist but I couldn’t have it like that. Now comes in my sample packs of the milk paint! 

YIKES it really does look worse in the photo! The great thing about milk paint is that it can, on it’s own, create a chippy look. This was the finish I WAS hoping for…..but didn’t happen. I taped off the edge of the table so that all I was painting was the cheveron pattern. I mixed it thinner (is that a word?) than what was told on the package but because I was more wanting to blend the leafs and the table together. And I wanted to see the chevron but not as much as previous. I had not preped this table at all. I swear it has layers of paint, sealer, wax, dark wax, sealer again and now milk paint, which is why I thought it would chip away and have the chippy look. Using a paint brush for application it went on very smooth and easily. I chose to use the color Mora which online looks like a light blue but the package sticker and it being mixed looks more of a greige. It ended up being the perfect color and I think the table is finally complete! 

– Milk paint comes in a powder form and in a resealable bag. This makes it last forever (well don’t quote me on that because forever is a long time) 

– Because it’s powder you can make just what you’ll need.

– Make it as thin {use as a stain finish} or as thick as you want. How you make it is the finish you’ll get. 

– When sanding there is less dust floating around it seems to drop right away. 


– When sanding it has a distinct smell.

– you need to make sure your consistantcy is the same if you have to make another batch for the same project. 

– Dries quite fast, make sure you work fast on the project. Wash the brush between coats.

– You can’t save and unused paint, it will separate and harden. 

 I’m liking the result allot better and I can’t wait to try this on other projects. What are your thoughts on Milk paint? I’d live to hear and see your projects. 

DIY Decorative Sled 

I’ve been looking for a while now for the perfect sled to use soley for decoration at christmas. I have yet to find one and I’m sure one day I will but for now Im going to show y’all how I created one ony own. There are alot of different ways you can make one ranging from beginners to expert….. Depending on how skilled you feel. I however, since starting working full time didn’t really want an entire day gone to making a sled so I opted for the easier route. Basically this is pretty simple. This actually cost me nothing as I already had pallet wood lying around. 

I wish I would have remembered to take the photos before we cut them but I was with my cousin and we got chatting 🙂 I layed them out to show what we used and the angles we cut on. I’m better at visualizing as opposed to someone saying cut on a xx angle. 

So I started out with six longer ones. Two will be the skii’s and the remaining four will be for the sled seat. Then I had another two which were for the base and pretty much holding everything in place. I drew on the angles on the skii’s and with the seat I layed out all four and then drew kind of a semi circle across the top. I then used the jigsaw to cut each piece. If your not familiar with a jigsaw it should be on the wood BEFORE you turn it on…… Lesson learned. 

Once that’s all screwed in place you’ll want to then put on the sled seat. Make sure the seat length is shorter than the skii’s. 

Once that’s all screwed in you’ll then place a smaller one across the top. Add ribbon to look like the sled rope, add rope whatever you choose I wanted mine to have a wreath. My cousin painted hers up and I’m lovin the looks of hers as well 

Items needed: 

– 2x long pieces for the skii’s 

– 4x long pieces for the seat

– 2x short pieces for the base 

– 1x short piece for the top 

– jigsaw 

– drill bits and drill 

– screws (I used black drywall ones) 

– decorations and paint whatever you want to use afterwards 

Fat Paint and a FREE Table 

Hey everyone, I’m very excited about this project because it was FREE!!!!! You heard me correctly I said FREE. Now it may not be entirely free to you if you need to go out and buy products but because I had everything needed it cost me absolutely nothing. This may change your mind before you say no to the not-so-pretty hand me downs. 

As you all know I love finding cheap item and turning them into something beautiful. I just can’t justify the price tag of certain items and I feel there is just a feeling you get when you spent so little and made it look fantastic. It also makes me feel good knowing I’m reusing something rather than it landing in a landfill. Anyways I was searching our local buy and sell site and I found this table that was being given away. I hardly ever find things that are free so I snagged this up with the intention of having it in the basement for lego building sessions. It turned out this table was MASSIVE when you put in the two leafs. Now that it’s finished there is no way this baby is going anywhere but our dining room. It can seat 4 which is great for everyday use but has the option of seating 12, this is something we didn’t have before. So this is what the table looked like before

Hidious right?!?! Actually I think this is the same table we all had when my generation first moved out and I’m pretty sure we played beer pong on a table much like this…. but moving forward to a much more mature me the table is getting a much needed makeover. 

For this project I opted to try something a little different. I’ve had a can of FAT paint sitting around and I felt this is the perfect piece to test it out on. 

I had a pint and surprisingly it did the entire table even after coating it twice. Now I did make a mistake. I used a brush to apply the FAT paint on to the table and with the leafs I switched to a roller. This was a huge mistake because using a brush allowed for it to skim over the Chevron pieces (if that makes sense). When I used the roller it caked it on and made it difficult even after sanding to see the Chevron pattern. What I liked about this brand is that it goes on smooth, and unlike most chalk paints it doesn’t seem to wipe away with a wet clothes (which is something I find other brands do). Also FAT paint has an amazing amount of colours to choose from! I can’t wait to use this product again on my other projects!

Also I couldn’t decide if I wanted more or less distressed but after much debate I chose less. 

Sometimes I tempt fate to avoid extra labor and honestly I’m lucky in this case that overall there wasn’t much. The leafs had some and I had to go back and prime but I was scared of I primed it all to begin with, it would make it difficult to get the Chevron to show through. Overall I’m very happy for many reasons 1. It was free 2. It’s almost the holidays and a bigger table would be beneficial and 3. This table is so versatile and can move and grow with us. 

Have you ever used Fat paint? I’d love to see your projects or hear your thoughts on it. 

Ps- I’m seriously loving this camera on my new phone!!! 

Two Tiered Tray DIY 

I’ve been wanting to purchase one of these trays but every time I figured d one I LOVE the price tag turns me away. I’m trying to think before I purchase so I don’t end up with bins and bins of unused decor. 

I found some ballisters at our local antique shop and imidiatly I knew I could create a tiered tray. Looking online I saw some people used candle sticks and plates but I knew I wanted something more rustic, so I opted for wood.  

I cut plywood into 12×12 pieces and another in a 6×6 for the top and framed both for a boarder. I then cut the ballister as per the design. Luckly I had a piece that worked perfectly for the top. 

aAs you all know I love my place premium glue and that’s exactly what I used to put the pieces on and then glues them together. 

Because I wanted the farmhouse rustic look I took some black paint and just splattered it all over and let that dry, and then did two coats of which chalk paint. Once it was all dry I sanded for distressing. I absolutely love how it turned out and looks great on our kitchen table. 

DIY Coffee Cup Display Rack 

I’m sooooooo excited to share this diy with you all because it’s by far one of my favorites!!! 

I’m a coffee lover and because of that i have a love for mugs. I have so many, probably in the 40’s range. Rediculas I know…… I have majority of them in a China cabinet but it’s overflowing and I wanted these to still be displayed somehow. I’ve been eyeing up the metal drying rack ones as well as the wall mounted metal ones but as per usual getting one shipped plus the curantcy conversion I was looking at over $90. Why why why does everything have to cost so much in Canada! I can’t wait to move and be 20 mins from the boarder. Anyhoo I decided I can make that! I’m loving how it turned out and saved myself some money…..well a lot of money actually.  It’s not metal it’s wood but works perfectly for those not wanting to spend a fourtune on decor. Here is the steps I took.

Supplies Needed: 

2- 1×2’s @30 inches long

5- 1×2’s @17 inches long 

15- 3/8 inch dowels @ 3 inches long 

4- corner brackets 

6- straight brackets 

Drill and bits 

Wood glue or equivalent


2 D hooks 

Step One: cut your wood to the size needed. My measurements listed are what suited my space best, you can adjust the measuents accordingly. 

Secret: our lumber store was closed but I needed this NOW, so what we did was rip a 2×4 with the table saw and made ALOT of pieces. Overall a cheaper option as well.

Step Two: after playing around a bit I figured out that each mug needed roughly 7 inches to hang so I measured 6inches from one row to the next which worked perfectly. I then used the brackets to hd each piece together. I chose brackets because holes are going to be made in each row and I wanted to not have any screw hitting the holes. 

Step three: I then marked the spots for the holes. I held a tape measure across the entire thing and marked at 5-10-15 

Step four: I took the drill and drilled each marked hole on an angle. Wish o could tell you exactly angle but I can’t. You could also use a drill press, but because I was doing this myself that wasn’t a option for me and because most people dont own a drill press I wanted to use what you guys would have at home.  The dowels I used we’re 3/8 and the bit I used for the holes were 11/32 which worked perfectly and gave a nicly snug fit. 

Step five: now this where I would say to use wood glue on the dowel and twist into the hole, however I don’t believe in wood glue. So what I did use and what my household loves is PL premium glue. This stuff will hold cement rock on drywall (we’ve actually done this) so I knew this would be perfect for the dowels to be SURE my beautiful mugs wouldn’t fall. 

Step six: paint any colour you like. I personally used a black chalk paint and I think I may add some distressing later on. Put on the D hooks and hang!!! 

I am in absolute love with it!! 

Christmas Decor for Under $20

Christmas is my most favorite time of year. It’s the only holiday I decorate for. Christmas decor is so expensive though for how long it stays out, which is only a couple months. 

Every year I pick one new ornament for the tree and this year it was a cross stitch frame lace one. SUPER CUTE!!! 
I’m a very neutral person and my decor reflects that but when it comes to Christmas I like to add pops of red for color. The “in” thing this Christmas is Gnomes. They are popping up everywhere on my Instagram feed. I love lawn gnomes so I was super excited to incorporate these into my Christmas decor. Here are some items I picked up 
t Aren’t they cute?!? The bigger gnomes are $9.99 and the small ones (that are actually tree ornaments) are $4.99. This tree was so cheap and was $12.99. I also picked up some Christmas coffee because they were only $5.99 and are a cheap way to add some cheer in the kitchen. All of these items were purchased at Winners. 

there are so many different ways you can style these items in a tray or if you have a plate laying around you can arrange them on that. I’m all for re purposing items you have laying around the house. 
This cushion in the background was also purchased at Winners and unexpectedly rang in at $19.99 which was a major steal. I think my most favorite is my dining room table. Mostly because of this fabulous Rae Dunn Christmas piece (which was $12.99)  and the little vintage truck (Canadian Tire ornament $4.99), everything just seems to fit seamlessly. ***Please ignore the tear in my blinds, I have boys and the glue I used made even more of a mess but hey that’s life right….. 

So it IS possible to be in a budget and decorate you just have e to keep your eye open, use what you have and think outside the box a bit. 

DIY Wood Bead Garland 

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts are popping up with these wood bead garland. I love the neutral and earthy feel these have and they can really be used anywhere to add detail. 

I’m purrdy handy so I figured I’d give it a go myself. This was the EASIEST diy ever people! Here is what you need:


Wood beads 

Hot glue gun and glue (you’ll understand in a minute) 

I picked out all the circle ones and left the rest. I’m sure there will be another project I can use them on. The hot glue gun was used to keep the end together as your sliding through the bead. Slide the beads on and your done! Your children could even help! 

Origionally I wanted to make these for my tree but I didn’t stop there and made some just to have as everyday decor. 

My start to a healthy change 

So guys, it’s been 8 months since I quit smoking ( ahhhh yessss a blogger who smoked!!!). In that 8 months I’ve gained about 35 lbs. Now I needed to gain weight {more on that in a bit} so my weight gain wasn’t overly a bad thing. I was actually completely fine with it, because I didn’t smoke and that was the MAIN accomplishment. It wasn’t until I was shopping where someone asked me if I was pregnant 😳…. I’m obviously not the only one who can’t filter! I get it though, I’m in my 30’s and it’s all going between my belly button and my knees. 

Anyways… a little background info. Couple years ago I had been rush by ambulance which in turn led to the diagnosis of having a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation. It’s managed  by daily medication but I needed to make some life changes. Moving forward it took me 2 1/2 years to finally say I gotta stop. I would honestly love to say I quit for my health but I didn’t. I quit for financial reasons.

I had prescription help for 3 months to quit smoking and I seriously would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I’m going to tell you what my doctors told me last week, that he didn’t tell me beforehand. When you quit smoking it does mess up your metabolism for 18 months. The average person will gain up to 35 lbs ( I’m there and it’s only been 8 months ). People will say it’s because your replacing cigarettes with food but I don’t eat any different than I did before. I drink a lot more coffee but that’s about it. I’ve decided to now to try and keep things where they are at and do the 21 day fix beach body program. This is hard for me because I have never watched what I ate in my life. In fact I ate pizza and poutine like it was a good group on its own. I’m going to keep you guys posted on my progress as well as some really great recipes. 

If you have any questions feel free to hit me  up. I’ll do my best to answer any questions you guys may have. 

My 21 Day fix

Ok guys. As I was telling you in a previous post, how I quit smoking 8 months ago and gained 35 lbs. Well…. I didn’t want to talk much about it incase I backed out, but 3 days ago I started the beach body 21 day fix. I know I know it’s probably one of those fad diets but it’s actually doable and I’m feeling fantastic. 

You honestly can eat what you always have but in moderation. I’ve have NEVER had to watch what I eat or cared to,so I was expecting this was going to be a challenge  but funny thing, it’s not! You get these containers, and trust me when I say this but they are hilariously small. You would be amazed though how your not hungry if you follow and use all containers in the day.  I found this chart on Pinterest and it’s been a major help for me to manage my meals. I wanted to leave some blank for today to show how I check off the box per item as I go and then I know what I have left for snacks and lunches. I’ve heard people say they hate planning meals, but I didn’t plan before and got stuck and we ended up eating a lot of take out and bad foods because of it. So not only is this good for me, it’s great for my family because I’m now making healthy and tasty meals. 

Along with eating, there is a exercise program. I am going to be real. I HATE EXCERSISE!!! I could walk for hours but cardio?!?! Get real not happening. Well can’t say not happening because it did happen, and is happening. The programs are awesome actually. Half an hour, that’s it and boy do I feel it workin! 

I also started the shakeology shakes which is what I have been drinking after my work outs. This was easy for me to substitute a red container and the chocolate one tastes just like a milkshake.I’ve been keeping it pretty plain with the recipes because I wanted to get the hang of it first but holy moly if you go look on Pinterest there are sooooo many for the 21 day fix. Here is some pictures so you can get an idea of what I’ve been eating.